none of your business

none of your business
or, none of my business


  • used to tell someone not to get involved in whatever you have going on
  • to refer to a private information that you do not want to share with someone else

Example Sentences

  1. My mother in law was not pleased when we politely told her that the honeymoon plan was none of her business.
  2. When Paul tried to inquire about the reason for my divorce, I had to let him know that it is none of his business.
  3. I know when to stay away from things that are none of my business.
  4. Most people have no idea when they should avoid things that are none of their business.
  5. In as much as she is my sister, I know that her dropping out of medical school to pursue music is really none of my business.


This is another idiom deriving from the Bible. In the book of First Thessalonians, verse 4 chapter 11, Paul wrote to the church of Thessaloniki and admonished them to always manage themselves and to mind their business. Therefore, when something does not concern someone, they are told to mind their business or that it is none of their business.

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