high roller

high roller


  • a wealthy person or company who spends their money in a risky way, often by making risky investments that can offer large rewards
  • often someone who gambles with large amounts of money
  • someone who spends their money on extravagances

Example Sentences

  1. I would never invest money in their company. They are high rollers and I cannot afford that kind of risk.
  2. The only way to make large sums of money is to make risky investments. You need to be a high roller in order to afford that.
  3. If you are a high roller, casinos will often let you stay in their hotels for free in the hopes that you will lose big amounts of money.
  4. If you go to Las Vegas the casinos offer massive luxuries and extras to the high rollers.
  5. Mary’s husband just bought a new plane. He is definitely a high roller.


The first recorded use of the phrase was in 1873. Many high stakes gambling games involve rolling dice, and ‘high roller’ refers to winning numbers and large sums of money. These people are able to put up large sums of money without any promise of a positive return on that investment.

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