bad blood


bad blood,
or, ill blood


  • to have ill feelings towards someone
  • to feel bitterness towards someone
  • the feeling of hostility or ill will
  • a serious feud or long-standing grudge
  • the hatred between two or more people
  • a feeling of resentment towards people
  • feeling of hate between people because of any arguments in the past.

Example Sentences

  1. The villagers say the arson attack may have been the result of bad blood between the two families.
  2. They have so much bad blood towards each other that it worries me a lot.
  3. Ever since their divorce, there has been a lot of bad blood between the two families.
  4. Please, don’t stir up any ill blood.
  5. There was bad blood between the two families in Romeo and Juliet.
  6. There was bad blood between the two ethnic groups.
  7. The bad blood within their family makes it hard for their kids to communicate with themselves.
  8. Oh! So they don’t talk to each other because they have ill blood?


It is an idiom that is said to be derived from Blood Feuds, which is a novel from the 1800s that expresses the blood feuds that have continued for generations between families, clans, and ethnic groups. It is now used to describe anger or hostility between individuals or groups, most often in the form of bad blood.

An idiom with a similar meaning is “ill blood.”

Similar idiom: blood feuds.

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Taylor swift’s song “bad blood” is a great example of this idiom!
“Cuz baby now we got BAD BLOOD you know we used to be mad love” you just put that song stuck in my head, lol.

‒ Jessie Hussey March 23, 2022

Manas Jyoti Boro – Hi, sorry taking so long getting back to you. If your teacher said it means ILL FEELING (check your spelling) then that is basically the same definition. A feeling of hate can also be described as ill feeling.

Thanks for commenting.
The Idioms Team

‒ Fiona Mackenzie January 13, 2018

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