Feeling Idioms

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young at heart

Meaning: feeling and behaving in a lively, energetic, and cheerful way, regardless of age.

Example: Despite being in his seventies, he remains young at heart, always ready for a new adventure. Read more ➺

high spirits

Meaning: a state of being lively, enthusiastic, and full of positive energy.

Example: After receiving the good news, she was in high spirits for the rest of the day. Read more ➺

Memorial Day

Meaning: a holiday in the United States that honors those who lost their lives fighting for the country.

Example: "My family always has a barbecue on Memorial Day to spend time together and remember our loved ones who served in the military." Read more ➺

green-eyed monster

Meaning: referring to the feeling of jealousy or envy.

Example: After seeing her friend's new car, Maria felt the green-eyed monster creeping up inside her. Read more ➺

feel like a million bucks

Meaning: describes a state of peak physical well-being and high energy.

Example: After my morning run and a healthy breakfast, I feel like a million bucks. Read more ➺

blow off steam

Meaning: get rid of any intense feelings or strong emotions.

Example: After a long week at work, I like to blow off steam by going for a run in the park. Read more ➺

drop dead

Meaning: used to emphasize how charming something or someone is.

Example: Extremely gorgeous: "She walked into the room looking drop-dead gorgeous." Read more ➺

shot in the arm

Meaning: a sudden and encouraging effect on something.

Example: The speech was an absolute shot in the arm for the crew members aboard the ship. Read more ➺

rainbow baby

Meaning: a baby that was born after a previous pregnancy loss.

Example: Finally, Noah was their rainbow baby after several miscarriages. Read more ➺

off the chain

Meaning: extremely good and exciting.

Example: I traveled across the American continent, and it was off the chain. Read more ➺