Idioms beginning with B

blue alert

Meaning: a "blue alert" is issued for assistance from the public to catch the suspect.

Example: The local police department issued a blue alert when one of its officers was violently attacked after responding to a call. Read on

bones day

Meaning: a fruitful or productive day

Example: I am going to do my best to make today a bones day by remaining positive and resolving to get things accomplished.  Read on

blind spot

Meaning: if you have a blind spot about something, you cannot accept or understand it

Example: Please don't point out my "blind spots" to me; I would rather find them on my own. Read on

backhanded compliment

Meaning: give ironical praise to someone

Example: The judges loved your performance, but this was a backhanded compliment since they also highlighted it was blunt. Read on

big gun

Meaning: a very powerful individual

Example: He is a big gun at the law firm; he has never lost a single court case. Read on

blind impulse

Meaning: sudden and unaccountable desire to do something

Example: Acting on what appeared to be a blind impulse, she submitted her resignation. Read on

brownie points

Meaning: Praise or appreciation, usually for a service someone has done.

Example: He picked up some brownie points with his manager by doing part of her report for her. Read on

buckle down

Meaning: make sure something stays in place

Example: She knew if she didn't buckle down, the tasks wouldn't get done. Read on

bull’s eye

Meaning: the center of a target

Example: It can't hurt to go right for the bull's eye - there's nothing wrong with getting things right the first time. Read on

back to the wall

Meaning: to be in a difficult situation

Example: They have him with his back to the wall and now he has no more options but to pay back the debtors or go to jail for fraud. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

variety is the spice of life

Meaning: new and exciting practices make life more attractive

Example: I started learning tennis after having tried swimming because variety is the spice of life. Read on


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