Idioms beginning with B

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beat a dead horse

Meaning: spend time and effort on things that are hopeless and unchangeable.

Example: Tom still has hope that his wife will come back to him, but he is actually beating a dead horse. Read more ➺

bring to the table

Meaning: making a valuable contribution to a group, company, or individual.

Example: I wish to bring to the table the issue of the current tax regime and how it affects our businesses. Read more ➺

by far

Meaning: to a great extent—the difference between two or more things is substantial.

Example: She is by far the most talented singer in the competition. Read more ➺

bell the cat

Meaning: do a dangerous job.

Example: Someone has to bell the cat and organize the office fundraiser, but so far, no one has volunteered. Read more ➺

blind alley

Meaning: a street, road, or alley that closes at one end.

Example: I've been researching this problem for days, and I think I'm in a blind alley. There doesn't seem to be any way around it. Read more ➺

bottom line

Meaning: the most important factor to take into account of something

Example: When the profit comes down, the bottom line is that this investment isn't worth the risk. Read more ➺

bag and baggage

Meaning: (with) all one's belongings.

Example: She moved to a new city, leaving all her "bag and baggage" behind her. Read more ➺

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