Idioms beginning with B

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burn the midnight oil

Meaning: work late into the night, especially on a project or task.

Example: Jenny had to burn the midnight oil to meet the deadline for her presentation. Read more ➺

brand spanking new

Meaning: completely new or unused.

Example: I just bought a brand spanking new car yesterday. Read more ➺

beyond the veil

Meaning: refers to something hidden or inaccessible, often beyond understanding or perception.

Example: The true intentions of the politician remained beyond the veil of public scrutiny. Read more ➺

bigger fish to fry

Meaning: to have other, more important things to do.

Example: You are not worth my time or energy; I have bigger fish to fry. Read more ➺

bear the palm

Meaning: emerge victorious.

Example: Their sports team had never borne the palm for years, but this year, they finally won the championship. Read more ➺

beauty is only skin deep

Meaning: a phrase used to emphasize that a person's character comes before their appearance.

Example: Jacob learned the hard way that a charming smile doesn't guarantee a good heart—beauty is only skin-deep. Read more ➺

blow off steam

Meaning: get rid of any intense feelings or strong emotions.

Example: After a long week at work, I like to blow off steam by going for a run in the park. Read more ➺

beat a dead horse

Meaning: spend time and effort on things that are hopeless and unchangeable.

Example: Tom still has hope that his wife will come back to him, but he is actually beating a dead horse. Read more ➺

back the wrong horse

Meaning: make an inappropriate and wrong decision.

Example: My dad is an expert stock trader and has rarely backed the wrong horse. Read more ➺

barrel of monkeys

Meaning: something very funny, diverting, and amusing.

Example: The traffic jam was a total barrel of monkeys. Read more ➺