in a bad way


in a bad way


  • to say or mean something ill
  • to be in trouble
  • the mannerism of which is not good
  • to be in a bad state
  • to be unhappy or ill

Example Sentences

  1. The teacher did not mean it in a bad way but the student felt insulted at being asked to explain anyway.
  2. I never said that in a bad way, if she misunderstood then it was her job to get the statement clarified.
  3. Their fights always end up in a bad way. That is why I try to avoid getting them in a tussle in the first place.
  4. She made him promise to never repeat such an act and he did it because he understands that he spoke to her in a bad way.
  5. The movies always show these things in a bad way, in real life it is not so horrible.
  6. She has been in a bad way ever since her parents left for the pilgrimage.
  7. The landslide has left a major problem for the people commuting from that road. They are now in a bad way to get to their daily requirements.


The phrase is among the ones that literally mean what they say. The origination is speculated from the early 1800’s but there is no literary proof to support this claim.

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Insult is the meaning of to talk or treat in a bad way.

‒ The Leaders November 21, 2020

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