next of kin
next of kin also, next to kin Meaning | Synonyms close relative blood relation spouse or parent closest relation nearest blood relation/relative closest family member kith and kin ... Read on
young blood
young blood Meaning new members that provide various new schemes and ideas for the organization a young member, or group of members who are brave and more inclined to ... Read on
blood is thicker than water
blood is thicker than water Meaning family relations and bonds are closer than other relationships people who are related have stronger bonds with each other than with others ... Read on
flesh and blood
flesh and blood Meaning This phrase refers to direct family members, people that share a DNA, that is, flesh and blood. It is also used to referring to ... Read on
tasted blood
tasted blood Meaning: have achieved a small victory which has made you believe you can win a more important victory. Example: The British badminton pair tasted blood in ... Read on
after blood
after blood Meaning: desire to catch somebody in order to hurt them or punish them. Example: He has duped many people and now they are after his blood.
blue blood
blue blood Meaning a member of a upper-class family descent from nobility or royality an aristocrat a member of a rich, high up ancestry an individual of noble origin ... Read on
in cold blood
in cold blood Meaning: in a planned way and without pity or other emotion. Example: One young lady was shot dead in cold blood inside the premises of ... Read on
bad blood between
bad blood between Meaning: feeling of hate between people because of any arguments in the past. Example: The villagers say the arson attack may have been the result ... Read on
new blood
new blood also fresh blood Meaning young and active people to bring new people in the group to make it more cohesive new people in an organisation who ... Read on

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so to speak
so to speak also, so to say Meaning | Synonyms as it where in a manner of speaking sort of as you might say that is to say ... Read on


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