in cold blood

Meaning: in a cruel way and without pity or other emotion

Example: One young lady was shot dead in cold blood inside the premises of the shopping complex. Read on

next of kin

Meaning: close relative

Example: We cannot release the names of the soldiers killed at the battle of Normandy until we've informed their next of kin. Read on

young blood

Meaning: new members that provide various new schemes and ideas for the organization

Example: The Peace corps is in need of a young blood like Adam. Read on

blood is thicker than water

Meaning: family relations and bonds are closer than other relationships

Example: When you get into trouble, usually your family will be the ones to bail you out, not your friends. After all, blood is thicker than water. Read on

flesh and blood

Meaning: This phrase refers to direct family members, people that share a DNA, that is, flesh and blood.

Example: Of course I care about her well-being, my sister is my flesh and blood after all. Read on

tasted blood

tasted blood Meaning: have achieved a small victory which has made you believe you can win a more important victory. Example: The British badminton pair tasted blood in … Read on

after blood

Meaning: to want to revenge or punish someone, because they have made you angry

Example: John is after blood who damage his car in the parking. Read on

blue blood

Meaning: a member of an upper-class family

Example: The new student is very arrogant because his blood is blue. Read on

bad blood between

bad blood between Meaning: feeling of hate between people because of any arguments in the past. Example: The villagers say the arson attack may have been the result … Read on

new blood

Meaning: young and active people

Example: The company management feels that the new blood should be used to find process improvement ideas because they can provide a third person perspective to our processes. Read on

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take for granted

Meaning: to underestimate the value of something or someone

Example: I took the weather for granted when I lived in America. Now I am struggling to get used to the cold. Read on


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