time and again


time and again
also time and time again


  • to be repeated very often
  • to happen again and again
  • over and over again

Example Sentences

  1. The children have been explained this sequence time and again but just refuse to follow suit.
  2. I have been saying the same thing time and time again. Why don’t you listen to me?
  3. The judgement in such cases is repeated time and again but sadly the crime is constantly repeated.
  4. This story is played in my school time and again.
  5. I have watched this movie time and again but never get bored.
  6. You keep making the same mistakes time and again. I will be writing a note to your teacher to let her know of this.
  7. I am reminded time and again about the fact that I come from a modest background while they spend like there is no tomorrow. I hate this hypocrisy.
  8. I tell my children time and time again to save money for the rainy day.


The phrase is away from repeating the words “again and again” to making them into “time and again”. The time in the phrase refers to something that is happening a lot or “every time”. The origin of the phrase is speculated to have been in the American English language but there is no literary source available to prove the same.


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I would like to add to what Anonymous said.

We can say “United Statian” when we are referring to the language of the United States. “American” is used throughout North, Central and South America to refer to inhabitants of those areas. “North American” is sometimes used (a bit inaccurately) to refer to United Statians. It’s an attempt to deal with the ignorance behind the use of “American” to refer to the people of the United States.

‒ Larry C. Porter February 18, 2022

I was told years ago that “time and again” was a way of saying “time and a half” and that double time could be said as “time and again and again” by a man who had once worked in industry.

‒ George Dettenwanger February 10, 2021

“Time and again” is correct not “time and time again.”

‒ Ann September 10, 2020

Is it correct to say “time and again” OR “time and time again”?
Need clarification. Thanks

‒ Jeffrey Dieter September 4, 2020

It’s very helpful to have your site and I appreciate your intention to be clear about the way we use our language. To that end, please stop saying “American” when what you are saying is specific to the United States of America.

The United States of America is one of thirty-five countries on the continent of America. America is a continent, it is not a country. There is no American language.

‒ Anonymous August 14, 2019

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