take turns

take turns
also, take it in turns


  • to alternate doing something
  • to do something in turns
  • (more than one people) do something in sequence or alternately

Example Sentences

  1. I understand that everybody wants to try driving, but you will have to take turns.
  2. It is important to teach your children how to share. They need to take turns playing with an object.
  3. We are going to take turns working weekends.
  4. John and I take turns to take the dogs for a walk.
  5. Our group will take turns talking during the presentation.
  6. We take turns doing the dishes in our house.
  7. My mom wants us to take turns washing the car.
  8. We all want to sleep in the large bedroom, so we have decided to take turns.


There is no clear origin of the phrase “take turns.” However, the word turndates back to before 1000. It is derived from a Middle English word turnen. It means to turn around an axis. The wheel on an axis turns and the same part returns to the place it started. This can be equated with people taking turns. Each person gets a chance and it then moves on to the next person, like a circle. Eventually it returns to the person who initially started. It can be alternated between two or more people.

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In the second example do “object” instead of “abject”. Dunno why I am commenting this stupid comment. Maybe I am getting bored

- Bhaskar Mahori July 27, 2018

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