time after time


time after time


  • to repeat something
  • to say or do something over and over again
  • to be repetitive

Example Sentences

  1. The narrator repeated her name time after time in the story but I could not understand her connection with the plot until the very end of the story.
  2. I am having to remind you about the work time after time. Is it really that difficult?
  3. You have attended to the same person time after time. I guess you should move on now.
  4. I like to play this song time after time because it reminds me of my glorious youth.
  5. Would you really like to do the same job time after time? Wouldn’t it get boring?
  6. I go to her place time after time in the hope that she may have forgiven me at last.
  7. Your mom likes to visit your aunt time after time because she is responsible for her health and well-being.
  8. You talk about your wedding plans time after time, I am getting fed up now.


The phrase is believed to have originated in England within the 16th century and has been used along with its variants more popularly since the 18th century.


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