within earshot

within earshot

Meaning | Definition

  • to be close by
  • to be able to hear something or someone
  • to be trying to hear someone

Example Sentences

  • The police was within earshot of the commotion and came to the spot almost immediately.
  • She was within earshot when you started discussing her cooking and felt very motivated that you liked her food.
  • The opposition party leader was within earshot when the republicans started talking about their victory.
  • My sister is always within earshot of whatever is being said in the house.
  • To be within earshot is great but do you ever act upon what is being discussed in school?
  • Can we bring the speakers within earshot? At the moment I am not able to hear what is being played.
  • The man was within earshot and heard all about how the incident took place when you were speaking of it.
  • As soon as she got within earshot she realized that she had better not come to their house that day. They were fighting and she got very uncomfortable.


The phrase is American in origin though the literary origin could not be traced accurately. It is one of the phrases which comes from the real life conversion of an event into an idiom. If someone is within earshot, they would be able to eavesdrop.

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