take effect


take effect

Meaning | Definition

  • to be enforced
  • to apply
  • to come into being
  • to begin the functioning of something
  • to become effective or active in nature
  • to start with the applying of something (a rule)
  • something that is applied and is seeing consequences/results
  • to start with the operation of something

Example Sentences

  • The notice takes effect immediately and so you have to vacate the house right now.
  • I have understood that the ban will take effect from tomorrow but I can still use the item today.
  • The rule will not take effect since the majority of the political parties are not in favour.
  • The prime minister has mentioned that the policy will take effect
  • The governor of the Reserve Bank wants the printing of the new notes to take effect from right now.
  • Have you considered the implication if this policy takes effect in the market?
  • Something only takes effect when there are certain results to show from it.
  • Theoretically, this reaction cannot take effect until the two chemicals are mixed together but we do not know the full practical conclusion yet.


The phrase is speculated to have originated in the Middle English and Latin regions within the latter half of the 13th century.

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