save your breath


save your breath


  • to not waste effort on something that has no outcome
  • refraining from a futile effort
  • avoid explaining or advising someone when it has no impact
  • it is useless talking to someone who does not listen


  1. You must save your breath by not asking this generation to keep their cell phones at rest.
  2. Sara wants to be a choreographer. You cannot lure her by hefty corporate packages; Instead, save your breath.
  3. The businessman won’t agree to your deal in place of his old house. Save your breath & find another place for your restaurant.
  4. There is no point arguing with him as he would never accept his mistake. It is better to save your breath.
  5. She saved her breath by not telling her parents about her detention. They would only blame her despite the fact that due to strike against the careless management, each student had been detained.
  6. It is rightly said if you try explaining something to a fool, he will start arguing. Save your breath instead.
  7. Either prove yourself by giving outstanding performance in the project or save your breath. Boss isn’t going to send you on a tour abroad just on the basis of your skills.

Any information about the origin of this idiom is currently unavailable with us.

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