blowing smoke

blowing smoke

Synonyms | Variants

  • blows smoke in your face
  • blows smoke in your eyes


  • to intentionally misinform or deceive
  • when someone is just making plans without an intention to follow through
  • to conceal the secret behind the stereotyped situation
  • to cheat someone and trying to look innocent
  • when someone is trying to cover up some sort of trick that he or she applied to you
  • to smoke marijuana

Example Sentences

  1. I know your motives behind this act; don't try to blow smoke in my eyes.
  2. Try to get prepared for the final exams and work hard, stop blowing smoke and be practical.
  3. Those who are the real motivator, never blow smoke in other's eye.
  4. He is just acting to be seen interested in this proposal, I think he is blowing smoke in our eyes.
  5. Do not try to blow smoke in my eyes; I know your intentions behind supporting me for the elections.


The origin of this idiom came from the old magicians tricking style, when they release smoke to conceal the minor tricks they perform to proof their magic. So, keeping that act of magicians in view, a person who tries to cheat someone and tries to cover up his acts by becoming simple and humble is supposed to be blowing smoke in front of you.

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9 Thoughts

Its fine. But I think you can either arrange it alphabetical order or subjetwise

- Razzaqul Hyder December 12, 2019

The idiom “blowing off steam” actually comes from when they had steam trains and pulled something to let it go.

- Loveyurself November 18, 2019

No help step up your or I am going to be mad and pull up boyyie

- Anonymous April 8, 2019

This site is so amazing all I got to do is type

- Anonymous February 21, 2019

I was just wondering what happened to the guy?

- George October 29, 2018

I do like idioms but it is just to MHC.

- Anonymous October 29, 2018

This all makes sense to me now!

- Xaiden September 18, 2018

I don’t get the origin

- Reath August 27, 2018

I love idioms. I think about them in dreams in my daydreams and every time my teachers asks about them.

- Lexi August 20, 2018

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