have no truck with

Have (or want) no truck with


  • avoid dealing or being associated with
  • to have nothing to do with something
  • being opposed to someone or something
  • unsympathetic to someone


  1. You should have no truck with those few in your class. They are just trying to misuse your trait of helping others.
  2. After Saima accused her friend of taking away the science project from her, she had no truck with her until her misjudgement was cleared.
  3. Why are you having no truck with your teacher? He only discouraged you in front of the class to make you realize your potential.
  4. The couple has no truck with each other after they broke up.
  5. Have no truck with anger when someone is bursting like a volcano. Rather move  away.
  6. The ones I had no truck with during school, are my best friends now.
  7. It is good to have no truck with people who influence you & bring you down. You have the right to chose your company.
  8. Sahil has no truck with Raghu even after Raghu apologized for cheating him in their business.

The earliest sense of truck was ‘trading by the exchange of commodities’ (from French troquer, meaning ‘barter’), from which developed the sense ‘communication or dealings’.

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