mark my words

mark my words

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  • used to let someone know to pay attention to what you are saying because it is very important especially when you are certain something would happen in future
  • assure someone about something that you saying is certainly going to happen

Example Sentences

  1. Mark my words, she won’t regret taking me up on my offer.
  2. I had no idea about the conversation concerning their agreement but mark my words; it shall all come to light soon.
  3. I was just leaving her office when she told me to mark her words, that I would be relieved of my job tomorrow.
  4. Mark my words, one day your son James will become a great businessman.
  5. Remember if you do not stop abusing then, mark my words, one day everybody will leave you.
  6. Don’t take her with. You mark my words, she will cause only problems.


This phrase was first used by Miles Coverdale in 1535 in the book of Isaiah when he translated the bible. After that, it was used to describe an ominous happening. In folklore, it is said that whenever “mark my words” was spoken, something bad almost always happened, so people actually avoided saying it or kept away from anyone who would utter it to them. Later, writers began to use it when addressing their readers to let them know what part of their works to focus on or the part that meant the most to them while writing. Today, it is used to command, admonish or stress the importance of something.


M 2 Thoughts

2 Thoughts

To Anonymous: I thought the “mark” meant to write the words down (as in to mark up a page), so one could refer back to them? But that was just a guess.

- Melissa March 13, 2021

“merken” in GERMAN means to notice. Did ‘mark’ mean notice in old English?

- Anonymous June 28, 2020

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