easy does it


easy does it

Meaning | Synonyms

  • used to tell someone to go ahead with something with slowly, and carefully
  • used to ask someone not to lose their temper, to keep calm
  • be careful/relax
  • lightly or carefully
  • do something gently
  • calm down
  • slow down

Example Sentences

  1. Sandra: I asked him for a simple drawing! To be honest, I am so angry right now. Andrew: Easy does it, Sandra. We will make sure he refunds the money.
  2. Easy does it, guys, that’s a Verrocchio you are handling.”


The expression was first used in the new testament of the Bible, Mathew 6:34, which urges us not to worry about tomorrow because tomorrow would always take care of itself and that each new day comes with troubles of its own. Later, it was ascribed to the Parthians. The Parthians were a ferocious bunch of warriors who fought war after war and always came out victorious. They made fighting, conquering territories and winning so easy that the phrase “easy does it” was used in describing most of their fighting styles. Today, it is part of the alcoholics anonymous (AA) slogan as they use this to encourage themselves whenever they find that any of their members is struggling with sobriety. This expression is now being used in just about any situation.

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To “put the brakes” on can mean, to slow down or take it easy.

‒ Charlie May 27, 2020

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