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brand spanking new

Meaning: completely new or unused.

Example: I just bought a brand spanking new car yesterday. Read more ➺

call the shots

Meaning: to be in charge of what is happening and what should happen.

Example: The security forces will call the shots all around during the political gatherings. Read more ➺

accidentally on purpose

Meaning: performing an action intentionally and pretending to either oneself or to the world that as an accident.

Example: She accidentally on purpose spilled coffee on her ex's new girlfriend's dress. Read more ➺

a shot in the dark

Meaning: a guess without much information or certainty.

Example: It's hard to tell the time without a clock, but I'll take a shot in the dark and say it's past midnight. Read more ➺

rank and file

Meaning: the ordinary staff members of an organization, and not the leaders or officers.

Example: The rank-and-file members need to unite and fight against the savage management. Read more ➺

in lieu of

Meaning: place of, in place of, or instead of.

Example: The employee received a cash payment¬†in lieu of vacation days she was unable to take. Read more ➺

faux pas

Meaning: embarrassing or tactless action or remark.

Example: Jenny realized she had committed a¬†faux pas when the guest of honor left in a huff. Read more ➺

code of conduct

Meaning: set rules and regulations governing a group of people.

Example: The code of conduct of that organization requires people to pass through the security office before entering. Read more ➺

rise to the occasion

Meaning: achieve extraordinary results under pressure.

Example: I know I will rise to the occasion when challenges arise. Read more ➺

man of straw

Meaning: a person who is disregarded as lacking character or morality.

Example: He's just a man of straw, easily manipulated by powerful people. Read more ➺