cross paths

Meaning: encounter or meet someone by chance.

Example: I believe we will cross paths soon. Read on

riddle me

Meaning: a catchphrase used to introduce a joke, observation, question, or riddle.

Example: Despite acting so confidently, riddle me this: how will we get all that money within a day? Read on

by dint of

Meaning: as a result of something

Example: He triumphs by dint of his persistence. Read on

break new ground

Meaning: to do something innovative

Example: Advancements in computer technology break new ground almost every day.  Read on

wide berth

Meaning: avoid (a person, place, or circumstance)

Example: When walking through the yard, make sure you leave a wide berth for the dog, or he may bite you. Read on

show the door

Meaning: make it clear that somebody must leave

Example: After we finished our talk, he showed me to the door. Read on

break the news

Meaning: to make something known to everybody.

Example: We are going to have to break the news to the kids that the concert has been cancelled. Read on

pros and cons

Meaning: good points and bad points

Example: There are pros and cons to having children. Read on

how come

Meaning: why or how

Example: How come you are not going to the party? Read on

scrape the bottom of the barrel

Meaning: It is a phrase used to describe something you know is not in good condition, but you have to select it since you don't have an option of choosing the better one.

Example: Our school used to admit more than one thousand candidates, but we feel like we have been scraping the bottom of the barrel with the admitted applicants in late admission. Read on

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pour oil on troubled waters

Meaning: try to calm, soothe or placate a problematic situation

Example: She's such a calm person; last week, the whole office was in uproar until she stepped in and poured oil on troubled waters. Read on


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