as a result
as a result Meaning | Synonyms the outcome of something that you have done. a result of anything that is willingly done by you the consequence of your ... Read on
fake it till you make it
fake it till you make it also, fake it until you make it Meaning | Synonyms portray yourself like the person you always wanted to become bringing yourself ... Read on
against the grain
against the grain Meaning | Synonyms a difficult path to be followed something which is contradicting our wishes action performed unwillingly hard to accept or do something as ... Read on
by chance
by chance Meaning | Synonyms something which was not planned to happen incidents that occur accidentally a coincidence anything which was not meant to happen events that occur ... Read on
take for granted
take for granted Meaning | Synonyms to underestimate the value of something or someone when a person is not being paid enough for the job that they do ... Read on
lean towards
lean towards also, lean to Meaning | Synonyms to be interested in something to support someone’s opinion used when discussing a decision that hasn’t been finalised show a ... Read on
you’re on
you’re on Meaning | Synonyms used to accept a challenge or bet the other way to say, “yes, I am agree” a welcoming “yes” for an offer, bid ... Read on
put the brakes on
put the brakes on Meaning | Synonyms to stop or slow down an activity to stop something or someone from progressing with a task or an intention rein ... Read on
mark my words
mark my words Meaning | Synonyms used to let someone know to pay attention to what you are saying because it is very important especially when you are ... Read on
kick the habit
kick the habit also, break the habit Meaning | Synonyms to overcome an addiction especially of an addiction like drugs to kick the habit also means to break ... Read on

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the benefit of the doubt
the benefit of the doubt Meaning | Synonyms regards a person as innocent unless confirmed otherwise to be judged innocent, unless the conviction is proved to treat a person ... Read on


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