my way or the highway

Meaning: to order someone to do something in a specific way without providing an alternative.

Example: In my house, it is my way or the highway. He was told by his father after coming back home drunk. Read on


Meaning: something that happens when the people involved do not want it to occur.

Example: Each side was drawn willy-nilly into the battle. Read on

beat the air

Meaning: fighting without any purpose.

Example: You are just beating the air if you want to turn him into a good boy. Read on

nip in the bud

Meaning: check something thoroughly.

Example: The army arrested all the leaders and successfully nipped the rebellion in the bud. Read on

straighten up and fly right

Meaning: to get serious and stop acting absurd anymore.

Example: You haven't been staying on top of your homework. You better straighten up and fly right or you will get a bad grade. Read on

every man Jack

Meaning: everyone without exceptions.

Example: I'd bet every man Jack of them are spies. Read on

make a beeline for

Meaning: to go straight for something.

Example: The linebacker made a beeline for the quarterback when he saw an opening. Read on

cross paths

Meaning: encounter or meet someone by chance.

Example: I believe we will cross paths soon. Read on

riddle me

Meaning: a catchphrase used to introduce a joke, observation, question, or riddle.

Example: Despite acting so confidently, riddle me this: how will we get all that money within a day? Read on

by dint of

Meaning: as a result of something

Example: He triumphs by dint of his persistence. Read on

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high up

Meaning: to have an important standing in society

Example: With the way he barked orders at the workers, everyone got the impression that he is high up in the company. Read on


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