anything but
anything but Meaning | Synonyms by no means it's not the case at all certainly not the opposite of what you imagined didn't turn out as planned nothing ... Read on
square peg in a round hole
square peg in a round holealso, round peg in a square hole Meaning | Synonyms a person who doesn't fit into societies norm finding yourself in a situation ... Read on
way forward
way forward Meaning | Synonyms the only way to succeed something that would be a positive influence on your life an action plan that is devised to lead ... Read on
at odds
at odds Meaning | Synonyms to disagree about something to argue about a matter two things that seem to be opposites in conflict at variance in disagreement or ... Read on
under siege
under siege Meaning | Synonyms to be under attack to be criticized by a lot of people at the same time to be under a lot of pressure  ... Read on
stand in a good stead
stand someone in a good stead Meaning | Synonyms to be of advantage to someone to be of great use to someone When something is said to stand someone in ... Read on
smack dab
smack dab Meaning | Synonyms exactly precisely right in place or time squarely Example Sentences We got our water balloons fully filled and threw smack dab at their ... Read on
get a life
get a life Meaning | Synonyms to stop wasting a lot of time in useless or boring or trivial works to do something better or act responsibly a ... Read on
on the horizon
on the horizon Meaning | Synonyms an event that is most likely going to happen soon occurring in the near future within view in the near future imminent ... Read on
right away
right awayalso, right off Meaning | Synonyms to do something immediately to perform a task without delay immediately / instantaneously right now / just now straight away without ... Read on

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so and so
so and so Meaning Used in the place of someone's name, indicating that the person is of little importance Used in place of a person or thing when ... Read on


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