a raw deal


a raw deal


  • unfair treatment.
  • being treated badly.
  • getting an injustice.
  • when others are treated better than you.
  • something wrong has been done to you.

Example Sentences

  1. Everyone was rewarded except her. She felt her dad’s actions were a raw deal for her.
  2. Even after working in the company for five years, she continued getting a raw deal in her salary.
  3. The teacher congratulated everyone but left me out despite scoring the same marks. It was a raw deal, and I felt so low.
  4. No matter how long her dad continued to tell him going out at night was a raw deal, he continued with the same behavior.
  5. We wondered whether she got a raw deal from the teacher or if she was just lying to us.
  6. My friend got a raw deal at the movie shop because it was his first time there.
  7. I am the most loved child in the family, and my siblings always say they get a raw deal from our parents.
  8. Jane got a very raw deal in terms of her father’s will. Everything was left to her younger brother.


This expression originated in America and was first used in the early 1900s. The Canadian dictionary described the expression as swindle in 1912, although this meaning is no longer used. It was first used by E. C. Bentley in 1940.

“If it was what is known as a raw deal, they did not mind.”

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