every nook and cranny

every nook and cranny

Meaning | Definition

  • to look for something everywhere
  • to search in every place
  • to search within the smallest parts also

 Example Sentences

  • The lawyers searched every nook and cranny to find more evidence but alas, there was none.
  • My mother usually ends up searching every nook and cranny to find her keys and almost always finds it in her purse.
  • The divers searched every nook and cranny of the river bed but could not find his body.
  • I have been searching for the text book in every nook and cranny of the market but have not been able to find it yet.
  • Their search for the perfect groom went on to every nook and cranny before they finally found a suitable match for their daughter.
  • My toddler gets into every nook and cranny of the house and finds something that she can break each time.


The phrase is said to have originated in the 1300’s in American English. The ‘nook’ in the phrase refers to a corner which is out of way and cranny was to point out to any cracks in the walls. These nouns are no longer in popular use apart from being used within this phrase.

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