love me, love my dog

love me, love my dog

Meaning | Definition

  • to accept someone unconditionally
  • to love despite faults
  • to accept everything about someone
  • to be willing to accept someone wholeheartedly, including their flaws

Example Sentences

  1. My parents share a very straightforward relationship, it is like love me, love my dog. They accept each other exactly the way they are in person.
  2. I want a man who would love me, love my dog.
  3. You haven’t found someone who would love you, love your dog. I would say do not hasten to get married until you do.
  4. The reason behind the divorce of Cathy Carl is the arrogance, she always says, “love me, love my dog” which is not a good thing every time in a relationship.
  5. Don’t wait for a guy who will only love you and love your dog, your are not living in a fairy tale it’s the real life and be a little humble girl.


This phrase refers to dogs as a negative connotation. In the earlier days, having pets was not as usual as it is today. People that did have pets would not prefer dogs because of the germs and diseases that they carried. Grooming and vaccinations for pets was a far off concept. So to love dogs was not common back then. Which is where this phrase was born. To have a dog meant to have something that is unusual, mostly a fault. If the person was accepted with the fault then the phrase would come into effect. It is not popularly used now a days because of the fact that humans have come much closer to dogs now and many people tend to like them.


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