on the rocks


on the rocks


  • likely to fail because of serious problems
  • in a state of difficulty, destruction or ruin
  • a relationship having problems and likely to end soon
  • a relationship on the brink of failing

Example Sentences

  1. Their marriage was on the rocks as they couldn’t get along with each other anymore and were having huge arguments very frequently.
  2. It is not a great surprise that they are getting divorced. Their marriage has been on the rocks for quite some time.
  3. Their decade long marriage was on the rocks because of one act of indiscretion by him.
  4. She had a big wedding, but a few months down the line, her marriage was on the rocks because she suspected her husband of cheating on her.
  5. They had been going steady for the last few years, but lately, their relationship has been on the rocks for some reason.
  6. When Kate arrived at the party alone, it was clear that her relationship with Stuart was on the rocks.
  7. I feel sorry for him. He has lost his job, his marriage is on the rocks and his kids don’t even speak to him.

The phrase “on the rocks” was originally used for ships which ran aground on rocks and broke apart. Since the late 1800s it has been used figuratively for other disasters or problems.

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