love is blind

love is blind


  • if you love someone, you cannot see the faults in that person
  • a person in love cannot see any imperfections in the person they love
  • if you love someone, it does not matter what they look like or what their faults are

Example Sentences

  1. I really don't understand why Mia likes Chris so much. He's very selfish and inconsiderate; and doesn't even treat her well. Well, love really is blind.
  2. Everybody thought that Sam would not make a good match for Jill, but love is blind, and she was oblivious to all his bad habits.
  3. Love is blind, and it was so true in his case. The girl he was dating was obviously two-timing him, but he was blissfully unaware of everything.
  4. When you are in love, you tend to overlook the faults of the person you love as it is said that love is blind.
  5. Love is blind, it is said, but it is not good to completely close your eyes to the faults of the person you love.

This expression was first used by Geoffrey Chaucer in Merchant's Tale in 1405. However, it gained popularity after Shakespeare used it in many of his plays during the late 1500s and early 1600s.

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This the full truth. Really, the love is blind.

- Ndayikeza Sédric November 11, 2017

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