Idioms beginning with L

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love is blind

Meaning: if you love someone, you cannot see the faults in that person.

Example: I really don't understand why Mia likes Chris so much. He's very selfish and inconsiderate; and doesn't even treat her well. Well, love really is blind. Read more ➺

lose ground

Meaning: to lose an advantage in a competition or struggle.

Example: The company began to lose ground to its competitors after the new product launch. Read more ➺

long in the tooth

Meaning: aging; elderly.

Example: He's getting a bit long in the tooth to be playing professional football. Read more ➺

Latin and Greek

Meaning: difficult to understand.

Example: The technical manual was all Latin and Greek to me. Read more ➺

to be loaded

Meaning: to be very wealthy or affluent.

Example: He recently sold his company; he's loaded. Read more ➺

look like a million bucks

Meaning: used to compliment someone's overall appearance, including their outfit, grooming, and demeanor.

Example: Emily looks like a million dollars in that dress; it's absolutely stunning on her. Read more ➺

learn the ropes

Meaning: to learn the tricks in order to do something well.

Example: It's important for you to learn the ropes and understand your father's business well before taking it over. Read more ➺

let the cat out of the bag

Meaning: to reveal a secret by mistake.

Example: I wanted to keep my job offer a secret, but my little brother overheard and let the cat out of the bag. Read more ➺


Meaning: used to describe a cowardly and weak person.

Example: There is no place for a lily-livered soldier in The United States Army. Read more ➺

lend a hand

Meaning: to assist or help someone particularly voluntarily.

Example: When my friend was moving to his new house, I offered to lend a hand with preparing, packing, and carrying boxes. Read more ➺