dead as a dodo

dead as a dodo

Meaning | Synonyms

  • no longer alive or existing
  • to be extinct
  • to not be found
  • to be obsolete/outdated
  • dead as a doornail

Example Sentences

  1. When my dad finds out that I have lost the mobile phone, I am as dead as a dodo!
  2. The railway minister will be as dead as a dodo when this sting operation is released by the news agency.
  3. I purchased a tee shirt last week for a whopping amount and it is already falling apart. The store where I purchased it is as dead as a dodo.
  4. The police force is on to him and very soon he will be as dead as a dodo.
  5. When the underworld don was caught we all though he would be as dead as a dodo but 10 years later he is still operating from his prison cell.


The phrase is mostly used in casual communication or as a slang. It originates from the fact that the dodo bird is no longer in existence. The dodo was a bird that lived the island of Mauritius. It was somewhat like a turkey and couldn’t fly and was hunted to extinction.

There are jokes made about the extinction of this species of bird due to their lack of intelligence. One of the most prominent ones was in the movie ‘Ice Age’ which showed Dodo birds were collecting food for the doomsday and all ended up dying to protect a few watermelons.

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