double date

double date


  • a date on which two couples go together
  • an occasion when two couples go out together
  • a date where two people and their partners go together
  • a social engagement in which two couples participate together

Example Sentences

  1. When Jim and Sam went on a double date with their girlfriends, they had a fun evening together.
  2. Well, now that you are dating my girlfriend’s brother, we can go on a double date sometime; it would really be fun, what do you say?
  3. They had gone on a double date with another couple who were their friends, and had a really good time together.
  4. When they went on a date to the restaurant, they met an old friend who was on a date with his partner, so they joined up and had a double date.
  5. Bill asked two girls at the club whether they would like to go on a double date with him and his friend.
  6. Tom wanted Sally to go on a date with a friend of his, but when she was reluctant, he said that he would also go along with his wife, so it would be a double date.

The origin of the phrase is not known.

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