pop the question

pop the question


  • propose marriage to someone
  • to ask your romantic partner to marry you
  • ask someone to marry you

Example Sentences

  1. I heard you had a special date with Tom yesterday; so did he pop the question, then?
  2. Maggie was deeply in love with Stuart, so when he popped the question, she said yes without any further thought.
  3. Jim and Clara had been dating for about two years when he popped the question to her.
  4. He is taking you to the most lavish restaurant in town. Do you think he is going to pop the question?
  5. He popped the question to her in the middle of the sea, when they had gone on a cruise together.
  6. After months of deliberation, he finally mustered the courage to pop the question to her when they went for a movie together.
  7. The setting was perfect, and she waited expectantly for him to pop the question then, but when he didn’t, she was really disappointed.
  8. He had given her enough hints for the past few days, so when he finally popped the question, she was ready with her answer.


This phrase has been used since 1725, but with other meanings related to asking about something important. The specific sense of proposing marriage has been used since 1826.

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