Numbers Idioms

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back to square one

Meaning: starting over from the beginning after a failure or setback.

Example: After the software crashed, the team had to go back to square one. Read more ➺

second to none

Meaning: better than all others of the same kind.

Example: His hamburger, rich in flavor and delicate in texture, is second to none in the city. Read more ➺

fourth estate

Meaning: used to describe the press and news media, acknowledging their significant role in society.

Example: The role of the fourth estate is crucial in maintaining a healthy democracy. Read more ➺

as genuine as a three-dollar bill

Meaning: used to describe something or someone who is obviously fake or false.

Example: The salesman's promise seemed as genauine as a three-dollar bill. Read more ➺

if not more

Meaning: It implies that the quantity mentioned is the minimum, with the possibility of it being greater.

Example: She ate five slices of pizza, if not more, at the party. Read more ➺

fall between two stools

Meaning: to come between two alternatives, and so fail to fulfill either of them.

Example: This book cannot be an academic one, nor can it be a popular commercial one; it falls between two stools. Read more ➺

forty winks

Meaning: a brief nap or short sleep.

Example: The bank manager caught the security guard taking forty winks on duty. Read more ➺

high five

Meaning: celebratory hand slap done between two people.

Example: Let's high-five after we finish this project. Read more ➺

third degree

Meaning: an interrogation that frequently includes torture in an effort to find the truth or a confession.

Example: The detective put him through the third degree, but he wouldn't break. Read more ➺

one on one

Meaning: describing an instance of direct interaction, conflict, or correspondence between two parties.

Example: We had a one-on-one meeting to discuss the details of the project. Read more ➺