Idioms beginning with D

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digital detox

Meaning: a period when someone refrains from using electronic devices to reduce stress and focus on real-life interactions.

Example: Many people find a digital detox beneficial for reducing anxiety and improving sleep patterns. Read more ➺

drop dead

Meaning: used to emphasize how charming something or someone is.

Example: Extremely gorgeous: "She walked into the room looking drop-dead gorgeous." Read more ➺

dog and pony show

Meaning: an elaborate exhibition or presentation.

Example: The company denied spending on the dog and pony shows. Read more ➺

dog days of summer

Meaning: used to describe hot, sultry days.

Example: Lemonade is a classic drink to keep yourself cool during the dog days of summer. Read more ➺

diamond in the rough

Meaning: someone or something of high quality but undeveloped.

Example: I found an old coin while gardening. I think it's a diamond in the rough. Read more ➺

drive home

Meaning: strongly emphasize or reinforce a point.

Example: The instructor repeated the key point slowly to drive home the importance of following safety procedures. Read more ➺

dead end

Meaning: a position or job with no hope of progress; a blind alley.

Example: The interlocutors have reached a dead end in their efforts to discover a peaceful solution to the imbroglio. Read more ➺

divide and conquer (or rule)

Meaning: gain an advantage over others by creating divisions.

Example: The plan today is to divide and conquer to complete our coursework. Read more ➺

death knell

Meaning: cause a system, organization, or activity to fail or come to an end.

Example: The shutdown of the local iron industry tolled the death knell for the village. Read more ➺

doubting Thomas

Meaning: always a doubtful person.

Example: He's such a doubting Thomas that he won't believe unless he sees things through his eyes. Read more ➺