love rat


love rat


  • someone, usually a man, who has a secret affair while being in a relationship
  • a man who betrays, or is unfaithful to his wife or girlfriend
  • a man who cheats on his partner
  • a man who has had a secret sexual relationship with someone who is not his regular partner.
  • a man who commits adultery or is promiscuous.

Example Sentences

  1. I heard Bill had an affair with his wife’s best friend! What a love rat he is!
  2. He’s had affairs with numerous women while still being married to her. He’s a complete love rat.
  3. When it was discovered that the star footballer was having an affair with another woman while his wife was expecting, the press had a field time cashing in on the scandal and calling him a love rat.
  4. You are already in a relationship, why do you want to ask another woman out for a date? Don’t be a love rat.
  5. When the popular minister’s adulterous relationships were revealed, his political career came crashing down. The press called him a love rat and his image in the public took a huge beating.


This expression originated during the 1990s in journalism and is used by the press and popular newspapers.

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Other meanings of love rat:

  1. Love rat is also when a woman has an affair.
  2. The act of a woman cheating on her husband, a woman cheating on another man, a woman being unfaithful.
  3. Rat can refer to a person of either gender.

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