alpha and omega


alpha and omega


  • both the beginning and the end
  • from the beginning to the end
  • the essentials of something
  • the first and the last
  • the most important part, the basic essentials

Example Sentences

  1. He had to learn the alpha and omega of the subject before he could even begin his research.
  2. He loved his wife very much and said the she was the alpha and omega of his life.
  3. When he took up the job of a mechanic at the factory, he had to learn the alpha and omega of the machines before he could start working on them.
  4. The alpha and omega of his political campaign was more benefits for the masses.
  5. Their lives revolved around their daughter. She was the alpha and omega of their lives.
  6. My life starts from you and ends at you, so you are my alpha and omega.
  7. He knew the alpha and omega of the subject and was considered to be the highest authority on it.
  8. The strategy to control inflation remains the alpha and omega of the government’s economic policy.

Famous Usage
You are my alpha and omega mostly during the love and romance of a couple.

This phrase has its origins in the Bible. Alpha and Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, respectively. In the New Testament, which was written in Greek, God says “I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last,” signifying the omnipresent nature of God.

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The origin of this idiom must be belongs to Greece because these Alpha, Beta, Gama… Omega is originally belongs to Greek people.

Example Sentence: The birth and death is alpha and omega of the life.

‒ Ronaq April 15, 2016

He was forced to learn the alpha and omega of corporate law in order to Even talk to the lawyers..

‒ satish August 29, 2015

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