Biblical Idioms

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cast pearls before swine

Meaning: to offer something valuable or precious to someone who is unable to appreciate its worth.

Example: Sharing his profound poetry with people who had no interest in literature felt like casting pearls before swine. Read more ➺

salt of the earth

Meaning: A person who is considered to be honest, dependable, and trustworthy.

Example: Alicia is the salt of the earth, always willing to help without expecting anything in return. Read more ➺

beyond the veil

Meaning: refers to something hidden or inaccessible, often beyond understanding or perception.

Example: The true intentions of the politician remained beyond the veil of public scrutiny. Read more ➺

filthy rich

Meaning: extremely rich.

Example: To be filthy rich means that you can choose and buy whatever you want; window shopping is for the less fortunate. Read more ➺

good faith

Meaning: acting honestly, with pure motives, and without deceiving others.

Example: The contract was negotiated and signed inĀ good faith by both parties. Read more ➺

fly in the ointment

Meaning: something that spoils a pleasant or enjoyable experience.

Example: The fly in the ointment was that the proposal still needed board approval. Read more ➺

bear fruit

Meaning: produce valuable results.

Example: Bearing fruit takes time and patience. Read more ➺

doubting Thomas

Meaning: always a doubtful person.

Example: He's such a doubting Thomas that he won't believe unless he sees things through his eyes. Read more ➺

your sins will find you out

Meaning: your evil deeds will be exposed.

Example: He stole this book two months ago, but I saw it today in his bag; surely your sins will find you out. Read more ➺

chapter and verse

Meaning: accurate information about something.

Example: Conversations at the university can give you chapter and verse. Read more ➺