all and sundry


all and sundry


  • everyone
  • one and all
  • all the people, collectively and individually
  • everybody without discrimination
  • people in general

Example Sentences

  1. I don’t want all and sundry to come to know about our differences.
  2. Only those participating in the event have to come tomorrow. All and sundry need not come.
  3. Making this news public would mean that all and sundry would know that our company is not doing well.
  4. All and sundry from that town attended the event as the local sportsman was felicitated for his achievements.
  5. She told all and sundry about their poor financial state and why she could do nothing about it.
  6. After the minister made some inappropriate comments, he received a lot of criticism from all and sundry and had to apologize.
  7. The movie star had a big wedding and all and sundry from the film industry were invited.
  8. Drinks and refreshments were served to all and sundry while they waited for the main event to start.
  9. I do not think all and sundry should be knowing about this new development. We should keep it to ourselves.

The phrase originated around the late 1400s.

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