Success Idioms

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bear the palm

Meaning: emerge victorious.

Example: Their sports team had never borne the palm for years, but this year, they finally won the championship. Read more ➺

slam dunk

Meaning: accomplish something with great ease or efficiency.

Example: The new software made data entry a slam-dunk. Read more ➺

with a bang

Meaning: to start or finish with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, or success.

Example: These amazing recipes will set your engagement party off with a bang. Read more ➺

deliver the goods

Meaning: do what is required.

Example: So far, the team's new player has failed to deliver the goods. He failed to open his account in his first three games. Read more ➺

never say die

Meaning: don't get discouraged or give up, no matter what.

Example: Things look bad for the team, but never say die. A miracle could happen. Read more ➺

last laugh

Meaning: succeed or win despite ridicule or mistrust from others.

Example: She was terminated from the company a year ago, but she had the last laugh when she was employed by the company's main competitor at double the wage. Read more ➺

the rose that grew from concrete

Meaning: a person who achieved greatness even though they came from a place not so great.

Example: Ken performed well despite his poor background, much like the rose that grew from concrete. Read more ➺

foot in the door

Meaning: succeed with a first step.

Example: Mary was so excited to get her foot in the door with her new internship. Read more ➺

blood, sweat, and tears

Meaning: putting a lot of effort to get a task done.

Example: He has put in nothing but blood, sweat, and tears into this company. Read more ➺

know which side one’s bread is buttered

Meaning: to be cognizant of where one's interests lie in a given situation.

Example: He tries to come across as a neutral party, but he is very aware of which side his bread is buttered on. Read more ➺