alive and kicking


alive and kicking


  • lively and active
  • continue to live or exist and be full of energy
  • well and healthy
  • vigorously active and doing well
  • to continue to be popular or successful

Example Sentences

  1. She hadn’t met her younger sister after her marriage and was delighted to see her alive and kicking at a social event last weekend.
  2. I met my old school teacher yesterday and I was pleased to see that he was alive and kicking.
  3. He had been down with an illness for sometime, but now he has recovered and is alive and kicking.
  4. That form of music may not be very popular with the masses any more, but it is certainly alive and kicking in some parts of the world.
  5. Even at the ripe old age of 83, he is alive and kicking and is actively pursuing his interests.
  6. This traditional form of dance is still alive and kicking among the youth of today.
  7. Although older and much mellowed down, the outspoken former sportsman is alive and kicking.
  8. A fresh round of funds from the investors kept the company’s business alive and kicking.

The phrase originated in the late 18th to early 19th century and is believed to have been used by fishmongers to convince customers of the freshness of their fish. The earliest print citation is from an anonymous travelogue “Farther excursions of the observant pedestrian” in 1801.

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