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ace up one’s sleeve

Meaning: a powerful, secretive weapon that people can use to their benefit.

Example: "I am wondering how Kellen is going to get her dad to take her on a trip, but I am pretty sure she has an ace up her sleeve." Read on

aid and abet

Meaning: to help someone, typically in an illegal or mischievous activity.

Example: The police officers arrested Gary for aiding and abetting the car thief. Read on

a bit much

Meaning: to be excessive

Example: The concept and story was a bit much for me to understand everything clearly. That is why I did not invest with this company. Read on

alter ego

Meaning: a second self, a deputy.

Example: Jack was the alter ego of Rose in the Titanic movie. Read on

a bit too much

Meaning: behave in an unfair manner.

Example: I need the money, but working 10 hours daily in the kitchen is a bit too much. Read on

give it a whirl

Meaning: to try something new.

Example: The ski instructor told Sally to "give it a whirl" on the beginner's ski slope by following his exact moves. Read on

a whole new ball game

Meaning: a significant change in circumstances.

Example: For most young adults, moving out is a whole new ball game. Read on

right as rain

Meaning: to imply that everything is satisfactory.

Example: He was right as rain after a few days in bed after getting injured. Read on

as thick as thieves

Meaning: a very secretive and close relationship between people.

Example: They remained as thick as thieves for several weeks. This made us curious to know what they were doing.  Read on

a quick buck

Meaning: to make money quickly.

Example: He decided to make a quick buck by selling his CD collection. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

on edge

Meaning: to feel tense or unable to relax

Example: I am sorry for snapping at you. I have been a bit on edge since I found out that they are selling our company. Read on


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