zonk out

zonk out


  • to fall asleep very promptly
  • to fall asleep, mostly because of physical tiredness or the influences of drugs or alcohol
  • to lose consciousness from exhaustion, or intoxication, etc.


Example Sentences

  1. After a very hard-working day, she zonked out.
  2. Some babies get frustrated easily and tend to zonk out.
  3. It’s good to read a book when you’ve had a long day and want to zonk out.
  4. Some drinks in the evening may help you hurriedly zonk out, but they also may wake you up hours later.
  5. The neck pillows are helpful for kids to zonk out if they’re traveling or away from their bed.
  6. The baby zonks out after a day of exhausting play.
  7. It can also be pretty darn adorable to hear your zonked-out baby let out the occasional snore.
  8. Kathy a heavy sleeper with a history of zonking out while reading.
  9. Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep, so decreased levels mean you’ll have a tough time zonking out.


The slang “zonk out,” which means “knock out,” has gained colossal popularity around 1940-50, and after 1960, it was started to be used in prints worldwide.

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