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forty winks

Meaning: a brief nap or short sleep.

Example: The bank manager caught the security guard taking forty winks on duty. Read more ➺

catch napping

Meaning: getting someone to deal with a situation since you put them in it suddenly and they were unprepared and not paying attention.

Example: His plan to catch his security office napping was successful. Read more ➺

zone out

Meaning: to fall asleep.

Example: Whenever they start talking about cryptocurrency, I zone out. Read more ➺

drop off

Meaning: take someone or something to a given place using a vehicle and leave them there.

Example: Once we were done with the concert, he offered to drop me off at home. Read more ➺

sleep on

Meaning: postpone making a choice until the following day.

Example: Please don't sleep on that talent. It will take you places! Read more ➺

hit the hay

Meaning: to go to sleep or head to bed.

Example: I have to get up early, so I better hit the hay soon.  Read more ➺

hit the sack

Meaning: to go to bed

Example: I am really tired after all that exercise. I am going to hit the sack. Read more ➺

zonk out

Meaning: to fall asleep very promptly

Example: After a very hard-working day, she zonked out. Read more ➺

up and about

Meaning: to get out of the bed actively after sleep

Example: He was up and about within a few days of the operation. Read more ➺

sleep tight

Meaning: an affectionate way of wishing someone a good night's sleep

Example: I am going to bed now. Good night, sleep tight. Read more ➺