zoom away | zoom off


zoom away
and zoom off

Meaning | Definition

  • to be in a hurry
  • to drive away fast
  • to be leaving a place in a rush

Example Sentences

  1. The duo just zoomed off in the mist, the perfect ending to a fairy tale wedding.
  2. I am going to zoom off one day and you will not be able to find me no matter how much you try.
  3. She then zoomed off with her price charming and they lived happily ever after. The end.
  4. The goons zoomed away on motor bikes after robbing the store. The police is yet to find clues about their whereabouts.
  5. It would be nice to zoom off to some place for a few days. It will help you relax and keep away from all the recent work stress.
  6. I had to zoom off because my ex-boyfriend had also shown up to the party and I did not want to create a scene unnecessarily.
  7. I must have to zoom away now to catch the train, if I want to reach my destination time.
  8. I had probably seen a UFO last night, it was floating here and there in sky and then suddenly zoomed away.
  9. Why are you zooming away this car so fast, I want to enjoy this ride?
  10. My father always love to zoom away to visit any new place anytime, he is so excited about traveling.


The phrase has been speculated to have originated in the American region. Biking is a known popular pastime and has been in vogue ever since motor bikes had been launched there. The phrase seems to have come from the zooming noise of a bike or a car engine which showed that a person would be quickly out of the vicinity.

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