up and about

be up and about

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to get out of the bed actively after sleep
  • to come out of the bed after an illness or injury
  • to be active, after a period of injury, sleep or idleness
  • risen from bed
  • awake
  • out of bed
  • up and doing
  • up and around
  • active and up
  • re-active

Example Sentences

  1. He was up and about within a few days of the operation.
  2. It took her a month after the accident before she was really up and about.
  3. I hurt my back during tennis practise yesterday. The doctor has given me some pain pills and I will be up and about in no time.
  4. It will be a while before he is up and about. He has been in a very serious accident.
  5. All of the kids had measles last week, but they are up and about today so they must be feeling better.
  6. I will give you a call once I am up and about.
  7. You are sleeping since yesterday, what is your intention to be up and about?


The phrase has been used since the 1800s. The original use of the phrase is not familiar but it is easy to surmise where it came from. It is typically used to describe someone who has recovered from an illness. When they are sick they are confined to their or their home. When they are feeling better they will be able to get out of bed and move around.

The phrase is sometimes changed to “up and doing or up and around.” It has the same meaning and origin.

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