Idioms beginning with Z

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zone out

Meaning: to fall asleep.

Example: Whenever they start talking about cryptocurrency, I zone out. Read more ➺

zero hour

Meaning: a time when a crucial decision or essential action must be taken

Example: Right before the dawn, the British military had been waiting for zero hour to start the operation against terrorists in Afghanistan. Read more ➺

zonk out

Meaning: to fall asleep very promptly

Example: After a very hard-working day, she zonked out. Read more ➺

zip it

Meaning: to ask someone to shut up

Example: The teacher had asked the class to zip it but today everybody seemed to want to talk a lot. So she punished the entire class. Read more ➺

zip past

Meaning: to move past (someone or something) very fast

Example: The guy just zipped past me in the queue today without bothering about the rules of the organization. Read more ➺

zero-sum game

Meaning: to be in a situation where the outcomes can either be to win or to lose

Example: The budget division is a zero-sum game. Read more ➺

zoom away | zoom off

Meaning: to be in a hurry

Example: The duo just zoomed off in the mist, the perfect ending to a fairy tale wedding. Read more ➺

zero tolerance

Meaning: denial to allow rebellious activities, usually by rigid and strict application of the rules;

Example: There is zero tolerance towards any gender bias in this company. Read more ➺

zip your lip

Meaning: to stop talking

Example: Why don't you justĀ zip your lip, I am tired of being nagged all morning. Read more ➺

zenith of career or life

Meaning: the highest pinnacle of a person's career or life

Example: The birth of his daughter was the zenith of his life. Read more ➺