zip past

zip past


  • to move past (someone or something) very fast
  • to move rapidly
  • a swift movement, usually ignoring someone or something in the way

Example Sentences

  1. The guy just zipped past me in the queue today without bothering about the rules of the organization.
  2. I would like to advise you to not zip past the process and to follow the correct path to get to your destination.
  3. You like zipping past people, don’t you? It is the third time you have done it to me now.
  4. I zip past the coffee machine on purpose every day because I am trying to be mindful about my caffeine intake.
  5. I just zipped past everybody because I really wanted to use the loo first.
  6. You cannot zip past the authorities so do not try.
  7. I will zip past him and he will not even get to know.
  8. You just zipped past me, did you know?


The phrase originates in the US English but its exact origin is speculated. The word “zip” could refer to a location and hence zip past is believed to mean moving so fast that an entire zip code is missed. In common parlance it just means to be moving very fast.

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