kill time

kill time


  • to wait for something by doing something or nothing
  • to use time
  • pass the time

Example Sentences

  1. The team was killing time at the stadium before it was their turn to play.
  2. She intends to kill as much time as possible before her parents get serious and start finding a groom for her.
  3. I am not going to kill time while he is out there getting all the real contracts and work assignments.
  4. He loves to kill time in the afternoon while his parents are at work. He completes all the homework only when they are back.
  5. You cannot just kill time here in the office.
  6. How am I to kill time in this awfully boring place?
  7. The kids are killing time in order to earn the prize of a chocolate.
  8. Can I kill time at your place while my wife is away?
  9. The boys meet over the weekend to kill time.


The origin comes from the history of America where people who were suffering through time, women were getting burnt because they were termed as witches, children had to obey their parents to no end, and black people were slaves and treated less than dirt. The salvation to achieve God’s light was through killing time.

There is a biblical history of time having a form of its own and being friends with God, the almighty. God built the Garden of Eden to get away from spending time with Time. But time snuck in and made friends with the humans. When God found out he put the humans with Time where they age and kill time until their deaths.

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That is sad about this women were getting burnt.

- Abby November 29, 2018

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