down the road


down the road


  • at a future point or end.
  • in the future, in a few years.
  • dismissed, fired.

Example Sentences

  1. Somewhere down the road, I think he’ll make it big.
  2. I was asked to gather statistical data that could be useful down the road.
  3. Why worry about something that’s 90 years down the road?
  4. We have an idea to develop a talking book, but a marketable product is a long way down the road.
  5. Economists see higher interest rates down the road.
  6. Disagree with the boss, and you’ll soon be down the road.


The idiomatic form of the phrase dates back to the early 1800s. This was the period when various forms of the phrase began to be read and written down in books.

Although the earliest printed record of the term “down the road” can be traced back to 1622 in a poem written by George Wither.

“They of their guide must be advised well,
For they are running down the road to hell.”

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