bob’s your uncle

bob’s your uncle


  • it is said after a set of instructions are provided and one wants to convey that the work will be simple for the other person to do
  • it is a conclusion to a set of simple instructions
  • it is used to say that everything is fine and that the result of something (that is to be done) will be positive

Example Sentences

  1. You add two cups of water to the mix, heat it for five minutes and Bob’s your uncle, the soup is ready.
  2. Just give it a good mix and apply it on the affected areas, and Bob’s your uncle, the pimple will vanish in 10 minutes.
  3. Use two table spoons of the stain wash to soak your shirt, soak for 20 minutes and Bob’s your uncle, the stain will clear out immediately.


Robert Cecil (Bob) gave his nephew the job of the Chief Secretary when he was the Prime Minister which gave rise to the expression. It was used enviously for someone who achieved something in a simple manner without having to work hard for it. The phrase is used informally. The meaning is now only to point at something that can be achieved easily and the sarcasm from the phrase is no longer in use. This idiomatic expression is mainly used in Great Britain and Australia.

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