zero tolerance

zero tolerance


  • denial to allow rebellious activities, usually by rigid and strict application of the rules;
  • to have prescribed and strict punishments for specific behaviour which will not even take justifying circumstances into consideration, usually used as a policy.

Example Sentences

  1. There is zero tolerance towards any gender bias in this company.
  2. I have a zero tolerance policy towards people that are dishonest with their work.
  3. This organisation has zero tolerance for any cases that include a charge of bribery.
  4. I wish there was zero tolerance for crimes committed against women.
  5. We live in a liberal society so speaking of zero tolerance towards everything just cannot work out.
  6. “You are in school and there is zero tolerance for such stubborn behaviour here” – this is what the teacher told him before taking him to the principal’s office.
  7. There is zero tolerance for littering in the society that I live in. That is how we maintain a clean premises.
  8. He holds the highest office in the country, how can he have zero tolerance for so many different cultures?
  9. You should not have zero tolerance for such things when you know that you have to move to that country eventually. Learn to embrace life how they live.


The term is peculated to have come from the military way of speaking where some offenses have the most strenuous punishments.


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