you can’t take it with you

you can’t take it with you


  • everybody leaves their wealth behind after death
  • to not be able to take anything along when one passes on
  • no one takes their wealth to next world after passing away
  • refers to worldly items but can be used even without extreme condition of death

Example Sentences

  1. The whole world knows that you can’t take it with you but they still have so much affiliation to their worldly possessions.
  2. The saint explained about salvation in his speech and spoke about worldly goods. He said you can’t take it with you so try to introspect your attachment.
  3. You can’t take it with you so please get over the obsession with this house.
  4. Although it is a nice place you can’t take it with you so try to enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. Don’t be so attached to your pet since you can’t take it with you when it is your time to go.
  6. You can’t take it with you even though you love it with all your heart.


This phrase is the title of a famous comedic play in three acts that was released in 1936 by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart.

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