Social Idioms

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French leave

Meaning: leaving a place or event without informing anyone or seeking permission.

Example: After the boring lecture started, he took French leave and went to a coffee shop instead. Read more ➺

pecking order

Meaning: a hierarchy of status seen among a group of people or animals.

Example: In the corporate world, understanding the pecking order is crucial for navigating office politics. Read more ➺

pardon my French

Meaning: an informal way to say sorry for using bad language.

Example: This project is a complete clusterfuck; pardon my French. Read more ➺

excuse my French

Meaning: used to apologize for using profanity or offensive language.

Example: That meeting was a complete disaster, excuse my French, but it was just a load of bullshit. Read more ➺

go Dutch

Meaning: splitting the bill evenly among participants, each covering their own expenses.

Example: We decided to go Dutch at the restaurant last night, so everyone paid for their own meal. Read more ➺

shrinking violet

Meaning: typically refers to a person who is shy, timid, or reserved in social situations.

Example: Avril is such a shrinking violet at parties; she always sticks to the sidelines and rarely speaks up. Read more ➺

melting pot

Meaning: a place where different types of people and ideas live together, frequently blending to create something new.

Example: The United States has been a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Read more ➺

chattering classes

Meaning: refers to the people who comment on events but have no power to influence them, such as journalists, broadcasters, or public figures.

Example: The royal baby's birth was a historic event and has recently become a trendy topic among the chattering classes. Read more ➺

dig up dirt

Meaning: find and disclose destructive evidence about someone.

Example: After calling my sources at the tabloids, I dug up dirt on the actress. Read more ➺

next door

Meaning: the nearest house.

Example: Our house is next door to hers; that's why we know each other. Read more ➺