you’re on


you’re on

Meaning | Synonyms

  • used to accept a challenge or bet
  • the other way to say, “yes, I am agree”
  • a welcoming “yes” for an offer, bid or plan

Example Sentences

  1. Max: I challenge you to join me in my 100km run this month. Samuel: You’re on!
  2. Susan: I will pay you $500 to go by his house and check on my dog. Angel: You’re on!
  3. You’re on for the Met gala tomorrow, hope you haven’t forgotten?
  4. He asked me to tell you that you’re on for the New York Marathon; whoever finishes first would take the kids to school.


This Phrase originated from a TV show which aired between 1998-1999. In the show, two kids conspired with the presenter to play pranks on adults without the adult knowing they were being videoed. Just before they complete the task, the presenter comes out and they all scream “You’re on!” at the person being pranked or being asked to perform tasks. This show was so popular in America especially among kids because it aired on Nickelodeon. It was also these 90s kids that made the phrase popular as they started challenging themselves or daring themselves to perform one task or the other. When one is challenged, on accepting, the other kid, says “you’re on” and they shake on it, sealing the deal.

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