wine and dine


wine and dine


  • to treat somebody (usually a woman) to wine and dinner;
  • take someone out to dinner at a luxury restaurant;
  • to have a scrumptious meal;
  • to provide a lavish meal including meal and drink.

Example Sentences

  1. The wine and dine at this hotel is among the best that you will ever find.
  2. She has not had a chance to wine and dine with him yet. It is at that stage that they will get to know each other better.
  3. The itinerary has mentioned about wine and dine sessions at the best hotels in country.
  4. The wine and dine at the Niko’s Bistro was so bad that we were almost certain that they did not pay any attention to the preps.
  5. I may not know about all the fancy wine and dine places but I certainly know about the ones that are good and hearty providers.
  6. Would you like to wine and dine with my family on Tuesday?
  7. This place is especially known for the wine and dine that they offer.
  8. The wine and dine at the Bishop’s is top notch ever since they have hired a new chef.


In medieval England, food that was served with wine would be considered lavish and that is where the phrase is speculated to have originated from.

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